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"make ya say w00t"  
     From the time of my birth until I was about 3 years of age, I attended a Mormon church.  When I turned three my mom had me going to Eastern Heights Baptist Church Child Care Center (EHBCCC).  Because I went to EHBCCC, mother thought it was a good idea to go to Eastern Heights Baptist Church.  They were the ones who sponsored the Child Care Center.  I attended the church on a Sunday morning basis until I was about 8 years old.  Where I met my first best friend, Brad Baker.  Brad was a couple of years older than me, and he was a really nice guy.  Only, since we were kids, we always wanted to wrestle each other or play with Legos.  Brad and  I were very good at building things with Legos, we would stay up all night building different buildings and vehicles and such.  You could call us Lego Maniacs.  Well after Brad grew up and got into the youth, I was left to be a kid, and a kid I was (still am in most cases).

     Becoming a youth was a landmark in my eyes because I got to see many things.  I got involved in church politics, this wasn't a very smart move.  I was on two committee's, one was the youth committee.  This committee is the one that brought about my downfall in the Baptist church.  The other committee was the Sound/Video committee.  Basically I was on this committee because I operated the churches sound on Sunday and Wednesday nights, and whenever needed on Sunday mornings.

     Now onto the youth committee.  I had been a member of this church for 15 years and on this particular committee for 2 year, when a new member came onto my "turf".  This was the person who called me many names.  That argument will be explained later.  Needless to say, the way this man challenged me was that he became just as involved in the church as I was.  His standing wasn't as high, but people who agreed with him made him go far.  He became the interim youth pastor, the Sunday school committee chair, and he was the head of the deacons.  Nonetheless, he and the pastor had control of the immediate church.  I say all of this because how much people want to believe is up to them.  If you ever get involved in church, make sure you aren't into politics, it turns everything around and upside down.

     I was, at this time, a Sunday school teacher and a youth member that was looked up to by many.  Coming from a church where the prominent members were 60 plus, I was looked to as a very good young man.

     The meat of the story began like this, one night as we were conducting youth, the pastors son used a word incorrectly.  It was our nature to bluntly correct people.  I did this, and this man (interim youth pastor) decided to get a little hasty with me.  He said that he was sick and tired of me picking on people and that I should just leave the group if that was the way I felt.  He continued with, "Why is it that you youth can't do anything without someone being there to shut y'all up, why can't y'all act right?"  I responded with, "How do you expect us to act? All we ever do is imitate what we see..."  He didn't like this one bit.  He then proceeded to tell me to get out, that I was nothing but a hoodlum who didn't follow the rules...that I was a "spawn of a demon", and that I didn't belong at church.  This infuriated me.  Days later the pastor held a conference with me where he told me to my face that my mom lied and that he didn't lie like that.  I soon left that church.

     I am currently a member at Epworth United Methodist Church and enjoy the family and friends I have made there, and am glad I finally found a place I can call home.  I didn't like having to prepare for a battle every Sunday morning, it made me sick.

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