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This list of friends may be extensive.  And more will probably be added, I need time for that though.

Oldest Friends

  • Justin Sapp: Justin was my first best friend.  We hung out all of the time and knew everything about each other.  Growing up you would always see us around one another and both of our mom's got along really well.  However, during High school and now in College, we are away from each other so much, that every time we do get to talk it's all about catch-up, which is still cool, since we are still friends.
  • Brad Baker: Brad was a church friend of mine growing up.  He was more of a mentor than a friend.  He taught me a lot of things about life and how to get through certain obstacles.  We act alike in ways, only our humor differs a little bit.
  • Franklin Dillard: Franky is one of my best friends too.  He was the Photo Editor for the Plainsman (Auburn Newspaper), now editor of the Circle (Art magazine).  Franky and I have real similar personalities and my mom and his family get along well.  Franky is really good friend to have.
  • Jesse Gallimore: Jesse was a new found friend at CHS, in ninth grade.  Then he transferred to Hardaway where he met a really mean chick.  He thought he loved her but she turned psycho, so Jesse and I are friends once more.  He was the other LAN member who of our parties.  We talk about a lot of things, and his advice is really good to get, because it's somewhat unorthodox.
  • Matt and Schina:  Although, Schina is not one of my older friends, she belongs to one of my older friends.  Matt and I grew up together, and were friends at a young age, then we got back together and become much better friends just recently.  Both Matt and Schina are really good friends to have.

Church Friends

  • Ashley Arwood: It's been said to me and brought to my attention that I left some people out.  These next few are some of them, and I deeply regret leaving you out of version one of my website.  However, betas are meant to be revised as this page is going through revision. Ashley is probably the first girl I ever met.  We were 2 or 3 at Eastern Heights Baptist Church Child Care Center.  EHBCCC for short or long alpha soup if you like. Ashley and I have seen a lot together, and been through small harsh times.  Everything always works out and it seems that we stay friends through thick and thin. A very good quality in anyone. 
  • Crissy Arwood: The sister of Ashley and cousin of Laura.  She's a great poet, and giver of advice.  She helped me out of depression many times.  And I'm glad I was there to see her get into CHS and see her mature into the lovely Lady that she is today.  The sisters (all 3) mean more to me than the world.  I couldn't and can't stand to see anything happen to them. I will, would, and like to think I do stand up for them. I like to think she helped me more than I helped her but I do know that we grew together as friends and still retain this friendship today.
  • Laura Foree: She's the third sister I'd like to call it from the Arwood / Foree clan.  And what a clan, all three are somewhat like Charlie's Angels when they're together.  Very Hot, but everyone is just as dangerous as the other.  In a good way of course :) Laura and I grew deeply in friendship throughout my tenure at EHBC and I don't know if she realizes that she is very special.  She was as much of a mentor to me as I believe I was to her.  Deep down inside she has got a terrific personality, but she likes to hide it sometimes.  She is a really pretty person, not with bad attitudes or anything, but with a pretty smile.  I think she's just as important to the three as the two sisters are.  They are all INCREDIBLE. 
  • Charlie Davis: CRAZY BOY, great friend and lives to the statement, Make everyday as though it were your last.  He had not a care in the world, for he knows time is precious and he spends it as he wills.  Having Fun and doing what he wants, what a great way to live. eh?
  • Everyone else that came along and were a part of the youth I miss you all and hope that my impression was made as is, with good or bad perception that you ultimately feel good about my presence, as I do yours. 

Work Friends

  • Rick Amdahl: Rick is my co-worker and friend of four years.  He has taught me a lot of troubleshooting skills and has been there with advice on life, law, and many other subjects.  The best thing to do is going to the counties with Rick, we always argue over senseless subjects, just so we can argue.  It's always funny.  He's a good influence on me and I'm glad to call him a friend, and not just a co-worker.
  • Brenda Wells: Brenda is also a co-worker.  She along with Rick and Mary is part of the MIS team.  When I started to work at the Health Department, she helped me feel like I was at home.  She is a really great woman, and likes to know what's going on in my life.  We go on smoke breaks together, however she's the only smoker :).  I like getting her advice as well, especially on dating.  She is also a good influence on my life.
  • Peggy Blackshear: Peggy is another one of the women who give good advice.  When I sit back in their office I usually get ambushed by her and Krystal.  Peggy gives me good advice about everything, and is like my mom in many ways.  She's my mom away from home.  She has helped me out in my relationship(s) and really smacks me on the head for the stupid stuff I've done.
  • Charla Main: Charla was one of the first friends I made at the Health Department.  We were workout partners and have been each others date when we go to the Christmas Dinner and the Employee's Appreciation Picnic, for the last 3 years.  She is a really good woman too.  She is more like me in many ways, only a little older, and a girl :)
  • Anyone else: Everyone else that I come in contact with at work.  If I didn't say your name I'm sorry, post in on the WebBoard.  However I hope you realize that space is an issue on any website, and am sorry if I've offended you.  There are so many people at work who I know I've left out and well here.  Anyone who works on the Second floor of the HHS building in Columbus, GA that I didn't mention, this is for you.  You are greatly appreciated, my life wouldn't be as fun if it weren't for you.

School Friends

  • Mike Berry: This is Cowboy.  I met him through the BSU and since we are both car people we kind of hit it off as friends.  He's a really good guy, and knows enough about cars and paint (Sherwin Williams precisely).
  • Daniel Davis: I met Daniel in American History from 1865, and we are both Computer Science Majors.  We have gotten to be real good friends.  He's a really neat guy to hang around cause his humor and mine kind of match now.  We both get computer jokes so it works to our advantages.
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