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Welcome to WillieG.net
     This site will mainly be what I use to follow my thoughts and discretion of past events. It's really odd...I over analyze everything, and that's just the way I am. When anyone says something I listen to their advice, but would rather do it all myself.  However, this theory never works out, call it a young adult learning about  life and the way it operates.  This Forerunning page is basically going to let you know what I plan to do with such a site. 

     By the way, since this is a personal site, I hope the template I chose was appropriate and that it's quick to load.  If there is anything wrong with the page let me know by contacting me.

     I imagine that the first three sections will be the longer sections.  This will tell about my life in the church, my life in school, and my life at work.  The next four sections will be basically how I feel about things, not so much about me, more about what I feel.  Finally, the last link will be the WebBoard.  Decided to use PHP, precisely phpBB2.

      Magic.willieg.net and woot.willieg.net are now sub domains, and spaces that are taken by a friend of mine...Jesse!

     *Anything I need to add Contact me.
       **Relationship section and the Thoughts are being updated!


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Friends | Relationships | WebBoard | Thoughts | Contact
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