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"make ya say w00t"  


     This is going to be interesting, I am going to attempt to define a true relationship and why it's hard to keep them afloat.  The last relationship that I was in was particularly hard for me, because it was that first case of true love.  There is always a person who you truly love in the beginning and for some reason it never works out.  It could go back to the philosophy being that in order to strive for something, it has to not exist.  If you find the person who you always wished you had, and they are "too good to be true," that's usually a case as to why your dreams/fantasies change.  I can only say that, I was truly in love,  and when that love crumbled, I resented it for the longest time, as do most.  However, I have recently come to the decision that everyone around me is interested in themselves and only themselves.  I have decided to change and care about others, that's the way to have a social revolution, recognition of others.  So I resented the love of my life for saying that she no longer loved me, and actually vowed to spend little to no time with her.  Because I didn't feel right around her.  Well, that is still true, I keep wanting her to love me when I'm around, but know that she doesn't feel the same way about me, so why care about myself, and reject a decent friendship, because of the way I feel.  I know believe, that it's easier to just appease those around me, no matter how I feel about it.  So as long as others are happy, I AM TOO!  Sooner or later I will probably post my vies on a decent relationship, and some reasons as to why I was distraught when mine came tumbling down.  Also, why I am still strong today about the whole thing.  The most valuable motto I learned during the last process was that Love is not meant to be played.  Some lessons are harder to learn that others, but lessons are just that...lessons.  Good Day!


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