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     School is very dear to me. As most Americans I started school when I was 5 years of age and have been in school ever since.  It is almost like the "Never-Ending Story," only that School changes it's name to Work later in life.

  My School Attendances is as follows:

     Growing up throughout my elementary years I was your average student.  Went to school every day, being sick did not stop a thing.  Got the Perfect Attendance award, and Principals list until 5th grade.  In 5th grade I made my first C.  Thence forth, a slacker was born.  My teacher said she gave me a C because I talked too much in class and didn't seem to do any work.  She basically said that I wasn't trying hard enough in school.  Well the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills), and no I'm not from Iowa, scores showed different.  I was in the Highest percentile with a score of 99%, otherwise known as a perfect score.  This is when I acquire the pompous I am sometimes known for.  The next grade that taught me a lot of adult like skills had to of been the 6th grade.  Here my homeroom teacher was, to put it mildly, a spawn demon I too have been called this, so it's ok for me to call someone else one...seeing as how we are all alike and such).  This was a man who really hated people, especially kids.  His cop-out was that he was being this way so you would be prepared for "the real world".  It didn't work, because to prepare someone for the real world, you too have to be prepared.  Simple logic, however, most people cannot grasp simple logic.

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     The next set of grades were pretty casual.  I learned how to play the trombone, and also the French Horn.  I didn't really date girls during this time because I thought a little low of myself, as I still do sometimes today.  Nonetheless, Middle School flew by quickly.  I tried to go unnoticed, for it was only two years.  What's the point in making something out of nothing.  I learned that lesson early, however, I can only apply it to working conditions and school, nothing else.

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     Finally, High School.  Here is where majority of my growing up occurred.  To get into the Columbus High School Magnet Program, a rising freshman had to take a test.  This test was pretty basic, it was a test over skills learned in Pre-Algebra and Language Arts.  The math portion of the test was very simple.  Problems ranging from simple mathematics, to some basic algebraic concepts.  The Language Arts portion of the test was also simple.  I wrote an essay on how guns have both helped and hurt our species throughout time.  It wasn't too in depth, however, I made it a five paragraph standard essay.  I got the acceptance letter while I was traveling through Tennessee's Pink Palace (Civil War Museum).  My 9th grade year went by with little hesitation.  I was in the marching band, attempting to play the trombone, and Concert Band.  The band was a passion of mine next to computers, until later on.  I planned on going to my first dance of all time with some band people this year.  A girl I knew from the saxophone section asked me if I would like to go with her.  I took her up on this offer.  We were supposed to meet at the school and go in to the "Homecoming Dance".  Well that year it was rained out, so it was held in the Gym, instead of the courtyards.  Upon arrival one had to take their shoes off in order to go dancing.  Well, that wasn't floating any boat of mine and to make it worse, rap appeared to be the only genre of music the DJ had.  Needless to say, I did not end up going into the dance, we just went out for supper.  9th grade continued to be a year's effort of nothing but school work and petty little disagreements with the way society is ran.  In 10th grade I experienced many defense mechanism.  I had my band teacher tell me that I was disruptive and should just leave the band, that she really didn't want to see me there.  Immediately followed the next day by, we really need talent like you in our band, to succeed.  To me that was the defense mechanism of, "Oh crap, I've screwed up!".  Tell me if I'm wrong, but that's what is considered flaky in my book.  This year I also had my first dose of Ms. Hankerson.  For anyone who hasn't been to CHS, Ms. Hankerson was probably the worst influence on my life.  She told me that I should not pursue a career in computers.  I also failed the most basic of all computer classes under her teaching, Keyboarding.  I went to summer school that summer and took Advanced Computer 2.  I passed that with an A, Mrs. Mimms was the teacher.  She cared for her students and truly enjoyed her job.  However, I think my job persuaded her decision of making me head support student.  Read the Work section for more information on this.  The 11th grade brought about many rejections and eye opening changes.  I was rejected by most any girl I asked out.  This was very hard for me because I was already pessimistic.  School was getting very boring during this time, I'd rather be working than going to school.  It's odd how every year there is one teacher that sticks out in my mind as a really bad teacher.  This year however it changes I had two of the most unpopular and disliked teachers at CHS.  Ms. Miller was the first of these teachers.  She had me to sit in the back of the class.  The bookcase I sat next to blocked most of the students and she kept the door opened so she wouldn't see me. I went through the American Literature without seeing the teacher teach. Click here to see a rough drawing of where I sat and the wonderful education privilege I received.  The next teacher was probably the worst one ever, far surpassing the 6th grade experience of a small spawn demon.  Mrs. Kellet had to of been a reincarnation of Satan.  She was the World History teacher.  She believed that everyone should believe everything she said and that if you had a discerning opinion then you were not intelligent.  In fact, she told me during class that she disliked me and wanted me to get out of her class.  She said I didn't make any sense and that I didn't know how to ask questions right.  She also said that I would never make it to college and that I should pick up a career as an employee of my local Chevron/Shell station.  So nonetheless, my 11th grade year concluded with much anger towards some teachers and with many rejections from girls.  I still to this day wonder about that year in high school.  The last grade in high school is 12th, and thankfully so.  This page is getting pretty long, and have no idea what I would have done if high school were longer.   With that aside, my senior year in high school wasn't grand by any means.  I already had my SAT scores and decided that I was going to CSU.  However, I met a really nice teacher for a change.  Mrs. Wingard, most students feared her because she taught really hard material, and wanted to wear out new magnets so that they'd get a thought of how hard CHS really is.  Her computer went down that year and I was the person she called on to fix it.  For this, I think she was a little lenient on my grade.  Although, I still busted my chops in that class, cause I didn't want her to think I was taking advantage of the offer.  The other teacher I had that I liked a lot was Ms. Fuller.  She was really nice, and knew how to be really cool.  I rebuilt a 1976 Firebird for my senior project.  I didn't go to the prom, and wasn't really school spirited.  I decided to take it real easy that year.  Then I graduated...

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     Continuing my education I am attempting to receive a Computer Science degree from Columbus State University.  Nothing much has really happened at college.  Everyone is laid back and it doesn't appear that teachers have a genuine interest to teach...only to make money and be business like.

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