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Call this my own personal soapbox / journal or whatever. If you would like to post please post a comment. The WebBoard is now a part of my friends magic site, and if he isn't too big on the site anymore, I'll take the webboard back and probably make it a political board. This is just a run-down of how I feel each day or periodically, or once every bluw moon when I actually log in to the freggin' thing. About the only thing you can do is post comments. However they can be edited, but it's ok to flame.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

February 2004

Not much going on. Still just work and school. Not only have I been sick, but also very lazy. Oh well you need that about one week every year or so. I guess. Welp, just to mention that I've been a part of the Socialist Party for some time now, since coming back from Greece and Germany. I have really enjoyed the people I've met in the party, however, I might as well come out and say that I'm a Socialist. There is suppose to be a YPSL starting in Georgia (I'll be a Charter Member). Right now Georgia doesn't have any Socialist Party Head Quarters, or even a Chapter here...so we Georgian Socialists decided to start one, we are still waiting to hear about this. Take it easy.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wednesdays and Life

Wednesday's have to be the lamest day. Well for me that is anyway, I have work from 8a-2p then class from 3p-4:15p. Then here's the most boring part. I have to wait 1.75 hours for my next class to start...there is nothing to do that will take that long and be fun. "Cruising"/"Surfing" the Internet gets old quick, hence this entry. And there is nothing else to do in town except maybe go home and play a round or two of Quake III or any other time limiting (fps especiall) game. Then at 6p-8:45p I have Intro to Web Development. I sure hope this class is fun...heh, I guess I already know a bit anyway. This past weekend was fun, I went to a fraternity party and then stayed at the house...ordered some parts for my computer which will arrive tommorow and Friday...so that's what my weekend is branching out to. If you'd like to see the minimal progression I have on the two computers I physically own they can be viewed at my computer page. Other than that, my weekend will look pretty bland, as I have not heard much from the fraternity on what is going on. Anyway, later...WG class is starting in thirty minutes, gotta wait for the elevator.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

New Year is officially over

Well that did it, the new year is over. Still in school, and still at work. Nothing much changes with me apparently. Got a nice schedule and a lot more friends to hang out with this year, so it sometimes seems pointless to keep on going, but the promise/chance more likely, of getting a better paid job and still being able to hang out with all these friends, would be "the life". WG

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas

Welp, Merry Christmas 2003 and Here comes 2004. It seems like yesterday when everyone was yelling about the Y2k and we are already into the century. Another thing I pondered about recently...I will be able to tell my kids I lived in the 20th century (1900's). This to me seems very odd, like one day I will be old and people will say, what do you remember from 19xx? Or member back in 1990 when we...Anyway, Long Live old age? Merry Christmas, and I need to get a sermon together for next Sunday as quick as possible, and have it something that will do justice to Him. WG

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Fall/Winter 2003

Welp so far, this is what's going on...I turned full blooded socialist, and I am also preparing for a sermon that I will be giving at church the last Sunday this month. I completed my sociology final today. It's a pdf file, http://www.willieg.net/SocFinal.pdf and I am still really busy at both work and school...I'm still pursuing the frat thing...TKE will be my letters hopefully...WG

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Aight well...

Well since last time, I haven't been up to much...I started to date a girl who turned out to be something I wasn't expecting...so oh well. I decided to try and pledge a fraternity, TKE. However, everyone I tell seems to be against the whole fraternity idea. I can only think that people idea behind the fraternity comes from the movies, like Animal House, Old School, and Nerdz. Of course, those are movies, and EVERYTHING IN A MOVIE IS REAL. Well anyway, I have many reasons for the fraternity, and if you are really interested in the reasons, email me, but don't think I'm a bad man because I want to do something that will change my life forever. School this semester didn't get any easier, and I guess it's junioritis setting in. Well this semester is almost over, and I haven't even had time to do all that I want, nor have I had time to work on this website at all...Oh and I've got greek pics up, but no coinciding site. laster WG

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Friday, August 8, 2003

Hooray for school

That's all I have to say. Got lots of websites up and going right now...so I have no time for the fun stuff. Trying to save money, cause I'm aspiring to goto Russia next summer. That or work an internship with the EU. Aight, welp that's all that's new and exciting here...cya

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